Loving Where You Are

あっちこっち (Place To Place)

I do not mean the title as a physical space, but an emotional one. I suppose being somewhere you like does help a lot too, but I will try and stick to the emotional. It has been a long time since I last posted anything or even wrote notes and planned something. So, I am going to get right into it; this anime is, hands down, one of my favourites, because nothing happens. I suppose that makes me a boring person, but I was never good with earth shattering plot-twists or deaths in the family. I would always end a series, or a heavy episode and stare into the abyss that was my powered down computer or television. Sitting a staring long enough to warrant suspicion from old roommates and family.

Most people might call Acchi Kocchi an underwhelming love story; there is no progression in the characters or plot. A group of five high school friends are our main protagonists. The only catch is two of them, Tsumiki and Io, go about their daily lives experiencing a lot of lover’s tension. At least Tsumiki seems to experience most of this tension; I only saw Io get flustered once in this series. Like most slice of life I have seen the characters move through their lives, laughing and playing away. This is not what I want to talk about though, there is something different about this show that really got to me.

I wanted to bring up how content all the characters are with their lives. Everyone has skills they are good at and this show emphasizes them. And they all cruise through their days with such ease. Although, I am sure there are times when the cameras are off they experience heartbreak, sadness or loneliness. We get small glimpses of life in their world that I am sure there are times they do not want to talk to people or feel the weight from their responsibilities.

There is no way one can go through life without feeling some sort of negative emotion. Unless you distanced yourself from everyone the moment you were born and lived an apathetic life. Never feeling happiness or sadness and just plain existing. Everyone is different, what makes you happy changes over lifetimes. I used to drink beers, eat burritos and watch anime at least once a week, but I have changed. Now I find myself drinking beer and being in the company of friends, listening to metal and discussing Star Wars lore in incredible detail.

Imagine I put together an anime that was 12 episodes long; every scene would be between my friends and I doing something stupid. Or perhaps enjoying holidays with my family. No one would want to see a show about me sitting in my room looking at my to-do list and taking hours to decide what should be done, because it happens a lot more than I would care to admit. Despite those feeling I still love where I am, mentally. These bursts of sadness happen to everyone, but there is always happiness just around the corner. I believe everyone can get out of his or her slumps, no matter how sad/depressed. You need to change your lifestyle. I did. I started this blog solely because I hit my lowest point, ever. And I started writing less over the past two months because I am now back in school and I am happy where I am.

So look to make your life better, if you are feeling down look for ways to build yourself back up. As I said, Acchi Kocchi is one of my favourite anime. It never fails to make me happy and I believe everyone should watch things that give them butterflies in their stomach and a smile on their face, because that is my key to loving where I am.





Failure To Believe In Myself

さくらのペットな彼女 (The Pet Girl Of Sakurasou)

When a series teaches me a life lesson it changes the very fabric of my being. It is one thing to read a “inspirational” quote on the internet and another to follow characters on adventures go through similar situations you have experienced. The Pet Girl of Sakurasou taught me how to bounce back from failure. Well, the show taught me nothing about bouncing back, it was more an example of what failure looks like to certain people and how they deal with it. And it is difficult. To others, their perspective might not be so negative about failing; they see it as a learning experience not some crushing defeat. To them, combatting failure comes easy. There are ways to combat failure as well as other hindering traits and what I learned is it is all in the repetition.

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All The Motions Of Ordinary Love

旦那が何を言っているかわからない件 (I Have No Idea What My Husband Is Saying)

Today I am going to talking about love, because to me, I still have no idea what it means to be in love and that is the perfect reason to speak about it. I have been searching for love for a long time. Seeking out that perfect woman, for when all is said and done I could settle down with her in the future. That person is out there right now driving to work, reading a book or drinking expired milk. I have no idea, but she is out there and that thought alone excites me. Everyone says you know exactly the moment you are in love, it hits you like a tonne of bricks. Six months have passed since I moved to Australia and I left many friends behind to journey this far, but one stands out from the rest.

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Food & Love Art Online

ソードーアートオンライン (Sword Art Online)

Sword Art Online gets a lot of hate, as in, a tonne of it. What I do not understand is why people even bother hating it. Why waste your time? I feel like people have never heard of the saying ‘any publicity is good publicity’. The farthest I go with my disdain for certain shows are 1) if they are brought up in conversation and 2) if my opinion is asked for. Even then I hold back that instinct to tear open boxes marked ‘garbage anime’, instead offering my dislike for a series. Never hate. Hate implies we were wronged somehow.

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The Weird Journey Through Male Ego


謎の彼女X (Mysterious Girlfriend X)

The awkwardness I feel now, having brought up this show. Never thought I would get to this point in my anime career. In all honesty, my friends and I watched the people hovering in hentai sections of conventions and it grossed us out. It was something that I never really gave a chance and now I am going against that grain. I mean I’ve watched a lot of anime, certainly not as much as some, but a hefty amount for sure. In turn, my curiosity brought me to something different. I was enjoying the action, slice of life and psychological thrillers, but a time came to expand those horizons. This series, by far, was ‘out there’ for me. The sexually driven themes kept bringing me back after the first few episodes. I certainly was not expecting it to be the driving factor at the beginning. At least it was the only factor until I noticed how real it all felt. These two characters showing such a real innocence about them, it hit close to home. Two young kids trying their hardest to express the right feelings, as awkwardly as two young kids can. It is damned beautiful.

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